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Eisbach Süd
Eisbach SüdEisbach SüdEisbach SüdEisbach Süd

Eisbach Süd

Item nr. 10739
99,99 €
one size


  • 3-layer premium wood
  • UV 400 protective lenses (polarized)
  • high-quality spring hinges
  • incl. folding case and microfibre cloth (or sleeve)


overall width
141 mm overall width
temple legth
135 mm temple legth
lens height / lens length
45 mm lens height
49 mm lens length
bridge distance
20 mm bridge distance


The morning sun projects its warm glow over München. The Eisbach wave dances in unison with the surfers‘ boards. Birdsongs stroke the air around you. You feel the fresh grass between your toes. The sun is shining. So are you. Because now is the moment you open the case. Your EISBACH SÜD feels good. Smooth and warm to the touch, beautiful. The unusual design is the perfect fit – it compliments your style. This piece of ebony is one of a kind. You turn it slowly in your hand and that‘s when you realise that they are made of more than one type of wood. The bonding and the spring loaded frame give you the assurance that, despite its light weight, your glasses are made to go the distance. You put them on. You barely notice their presence. But still it provides the perfect protection with its polarised glass giving you 100% UV protection, so that you can fully enjoy the shimmering sunlight which make this Eisbach day so wonderful.

Ebony and Ivory, a pairing which even has its own song – that‘s how valuable the wood from the Diospyros tree, from which ebony is harvested, is. As far back as ancient Egypt the wood, which mainly came from East India or Africa and is very dense (making it more durable), has been treated with reverence.

Although we only use small quantities of ebony obtained from furniture manufacturers unable to use it due to the size, we take care that it is all procured in areas where the trees are not endangered.

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Customer Reviews
5 of 5 Stars (1 Reviews)
April 5, 2017
an unknown customer thinks:
Hoher Qualität und geiler Stil!
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