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Eisbach Nord
Eisbach NordEisbach NordEisbach NordEisbach Nord

Eisbach Nord

Item nr. 10730
99,99 €
one size


  • 3-layer premium wood
  • UV 400 protective lenses (polarized)
  • high-quality spring hinges
  • incl. folding case and microfibre cloth (or sleeve)


overall width
141 mm overall width
temple legth
135 mm temple legth
lens height / lens length
45 mm lens height
49 mm lens length
bridge distance
25 mm bridge distance


Nordish by nature? This cool WOOD FELLAS model is called Eisbach Nord – and is made to live life on the sunny side of life: Extraordinary zebrano highlighted with grey UV-protection-lenses. It’s so good (and so easy) to look good.

Zebra? No! Zebrano? Yes! This wood gets its name “zebrano” because of its strong black and white pattern, similar to that of the zebra. Sounds odd, but it is one of the finest – it has its origins in tropical West Africa.

It has a distinctive off-white colour streaked with deep brown “veins” and grey splint. It‘s hugely popular – that’s why it is very important for us not to endanger its existence. We choose to purchase it from furniture manufacturers for whom it would be unusable – due to its size.

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