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Montaigne Street x WOOD FELLAS

WOOD FELLAS x Montaigne Street - Planète Sombre

7. December 2017

Not from this world and yet still in our midst. That was the word on the street when a very special WOOD FELLAS design was introduced to the brand’s following on 9 July 2014. As the German capital set about welcoming the movers and shakers of Germany’s fashion industry to Berlin Fashion Week and temperatures soared past 30° C, a who’s who of the international fashion and hip-hop scene was assembling at the city’s renowned Cookies club for the WOOD FELLAS Planète Sombre release party. 

The limited-edition Planète Sombre eyewear collection was born out of a collaboration with Paris-based fashion collective Montaigne Street, and the launch evening for the new collection swiftly became the place to be. 


A perfect couple for a perfect evening. WOOD FELLAS has made a name for itself with its expressive and neatly designed wood-based accessories, while upwardly mobile fashion crew Montaigne Street skilfully combine fashion, style and music. The Parisians followed up a string of legendary parties in the “City of Love” with a very different high point of the social calendar in Berlin.


A full house of the great and the good gathered at Cookies from dusk ‘til dawn. Bread & Butter, Voo Store, Highsnobiety, Montaigne Street, Positive Inc. and, of course, WOOD FELLAS ensured the party was bursting at the seams from start to finish. They were assisted by beats from Off-White creative guru and Kayne West confidente Virgil Abloh, plus local favourites Bass Gang, Bianca Checker and Voo Allstars, who kept the buzz soaring through the night until late the following morning. But the centre of attention was Planète Sombre.

Inspired by the Voyager Golden Records sent into space in 1977 to perpetuate the diversity of life and culture on Earth for other life forms (as printed, image- and video-based messages), the Planète Sombre collection set out to embody the vibe of a new generation in terms of style, sustainability and manufacturing.

Montaigne Street collabo with WOOD FELLAS

The sunglasses (a limited-edition collection of 150 pieces per colour) have a hexagonal silhouette and are available in three different types of wood, and red, blue and yellow lens colours. All are protected by a silkscreen-printed pouch and a black box made from bamboo. The Planète Sombre logo is laser-cut into the glasses, pouch and box.


Like all WOOD FELLAS products, the glasses are handmade from recycled wood as part of an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Only the best-quality materials are present, the extremely flexible hinges and polarised lenses maximising comfort and offering UV protection 400.