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WOOD FELLAS Shooting. Making of campagne 2018.
behind the scenes

Making-of campaign 2018

7. December 2017

At WOOD FELLAS we love a bit of nature. That’s why our eyewear is made from natural materials and why the shoot for our latest collection was scheduled for the great outdoors. This might have meant just a relaxing stroll through a local park, of course. But it didn’t. Instead, the WOOD FELLAS entourage set off for some proper rufty-tufty mountains. The crew were in good spirits as we hit the road to Garmisch-Partenkirchen at 5 a.m., the rising sun peering into a sky of almost autumnal chill. Ahead lay the Partnachklamm gorge.

Deposited summarily in the middle of the wilderness, the team were both inspired and challenged. First man and machine had to be hauled up the mountainside at a fair old pace. But that simple plan ignored various important details. Such as when a path turned into a thin track, which then alternated with low trails and slippery hazards. This was an exercise in humility against the forces of nature; it was time for Team WOOD FELLAS to lock horns with the wilderness at its wildest, turn the perspiration levels up to 100 and coin a strapline for the story: “Sharp by Nature” it was.

Once at the top of the climb, the team headed for the shoot location we’d decided upon a day earlier and built our first set. Spirits recharged by the pull and energy of the gushing river as it prepared to dive into the mountain’s gorge, the WOOD FELLAS team maintained a steely focus as one image after the next was reeled off.

This successful start to the shoot proved to be a taster of what was to come in this most positive of days. And so, our group of ten worked our way set by set back down through the “Klamm”. At first our adversaries were all environmental, the rain and spray chief among them. But now the human element joined in: tourists – and plenty of them. We continued our zigzag progress down the gorge, inevitably challenged for space by walkers as the path shrank to little more than a metre in width. Luckily the gaggles of curious nature-lovers immersed themselves in the upbeat WOOD FELLAS vibe and showed admirable patience when finding their progress halted for several minutes at a time (thank you!).

Drenched by the water streaming from the gorge’s stone walls, with mud smeared on our clothes for effect and in the knowledge we’d nailed some cracking photos, the team arrived back at the valley floor shortly after 1 p.m. The first location of the day was done and dusted.

Done. WOOD FELLAS Shooting Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Partnachklamm

A quick snack later, we left the by now sun-drenched Garmisch and set off for Munich. Destination: Nymphenburg and the city’s Botanical Gardens. 


It was time for the second half of the day’s shoot – and a rather striking contrast to the Alpine adventures of earlier. The humidity, which by now felt like it must be up around 100%, was the only thing the two locations had in common. A near-tropical climate, apparently endless space and luxuriant vegetation made for an extremely enjoyable afternoon. And no amount of the now torrential rain could dampen the mood. Inside the greenhouses the models adopted more delicate and summary styles, which the WOOD FELLAS glasses rounded off perfectly. The product shots and film sequences were wrapped up without undue complication and another layer of great material for this making-of was in the can. 


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