The brand is the key...

The brand is the key…

Adrian Margelist is Chief Creative Officer of the Mammut Sports Group since early 2017. He has worked as Creative Director for internationally respected fashion labels, such as Esprit, Navyboot and MCM. Prior to joining Mammut, he was tasked at Liebeskind with the jobs of Creative Director and Managing Director of Brand & Product.

MCM, Liebeskind – Bags and now sports clothing. What are the key aspects to your work as the CCO?

At the heart of everything is always brand building and the love of the product: every brand has its own particular DNA that has to be treated with a great deal of respect. The product is the trigger that invokes emotions and generates enthusiasm in customers for a brand. In this regard, the aspects of heritage and premium quality are at the core, even with Mammut. As a Welshman, I was practically born with a natural connection to mountain sports.

How are brands built?

The DNA of a brand must be identified and deliberately presented to the market. Building a brand to me means driving its evolution. The point is not so much to revolutionize the substance of the brand, but rather to reduce the brand to its essential characteristic and to develop continuous innovation. Mammut products, for example, exemplify the DNA of mountain sports and the history of the brand.

How important is branding for a brand?

Branding is essential! The brand is the key and the product is the hero. Through its branding Mammut conveys a clear signature that reflects our company history of over 150 years. This runs through the entire product portfolio, starting with the logo and claim, and going through to the cutting technology. At the end, the customer should readily recognize Mammut by its tailoring cuts.


How do you develop a design idea?

I travel very often and keep my mind and eyes open on my journeys around the world. As a result, I‘m conscientiously exposed to the most diverse influences. That means that great ideas can grow from the smallest sparks.

How much of a role do materials and their finishing play – for example, wood in WOODFELLAS?

Materials are extremely vital for the quality, as well as for the look and feel of a product – the feel of a product is a particularly decisive factor for me. Wood perfectly combines these aspects; it has been used for thousands of years and is a naturally renewable resource.

What do today’s brands have to consider regarding sustainability?

Sustainability has not been a soft factor for some time now. Instead, it has become a core factor and all of us are called upon to contribute. Mammut actively works on continuously reducing the ecological footprint of its products. We care about people, communities and our planet.


How can an accessory brand like WOOD FELLAS react to the changing shopping patterns of its customers?

The market is moving from brand pushing to customer pulling. Technological developments and new trends greatly influence our consumption and communication behavior. Customer expectations are also changing as a consequence – they are now digital, mobile and social.




It all begins with a moment of inspiration

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