All glasses are unique due to the uniqueness of the materials. Only FSC-certified woods from sustainable forestry from wood veneer suppliers we trust are used. For the production of our WOODFELLAS glasses we only use wood veneers in small quantities.

Did you know that acetate is a natural product? The natural plastic has nothing to do with plastic. It is made from cotton or wood cellulose mixed with acetic acid and color additives and processed into solid acetate sheets. These can be cut into frames of all shapes. Acetate frames are particularly light and comfortable to wear on the nose. The material comes in countless colors, crystal clear, matte or polished to a high gloss. It can be excellently individualized and retains its shape well over the long term, remaining flexible and non-brittle.

Besides precious wood, we process two real exotics among natural materials: buffalo horn and slate. The horn is a renewable raw material. It comes from Indian and Chinese water buffaloes. And don’t worry, we only use cast-off horn for the glasses. So for the buffalos 100% painless. Promised!

The slate for our stone glasses comes to us from India. To make the glasses stable and at the same time shapely, we work with real wood veneer, which we combine with a fine layer of slate stone. In 74 working steps, stone and wood are combined to create a truly unique piece that not everyone has.

Now it’s getting technical. Because we also process high-tech materials such as carbon and titanium. Two layers of carbon fabric are added to the wood layers in certain models for better stability and greater flexibility. Titanium has long been a popular material in eyewear design and must not be missing from WOODFELLAS eyewear either.

And last but not least, a useful trick made by WOODFELLAS and hardly to be found on any other wooden eyewear: the adjustable temple tips. These are made of acetate and can be adjusted to the respective head shape by trained personnel for best wearing comfort. A small revolution among wooden glasses.

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Inspired by the tension between urban lifestyle and our closeness to nature, the first WOODFELLAS eyewear collection was created in 2011. From apparent contradiction we have created unique pieces, combining the most beautiful natural materials with innovative technology and relaxed design. The result is eyewear for people who want to combine their vision with a statement. Eyewear for you.

We are Jan Priepke and Stefan Muckenhirn. Together with our team we make our attitude towards life, style and sustainability visible in our natural eyewear designs. The timeless contemporary frames will surprise you with their unexpected lightness. Whether sunglasses or prescription frames – WOODFELLAS eyewear is handmade. Always with an eye on sustainability and fairness.

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