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Folded PU Case
Folded PU CaseFolded PU Case

Folded PU Case

PU in black
Item nr. 10655
14,99 €
one size


  • - case made of PU (polyurethane)


A wooden shades in a plastic case? No way! Here’s the most perfect treasure box for your favourite glasses: Our original WOOD FELLAS FOLDED PU CASE (in a leather look). Herein your specs are protected perfectly and the case is a real eye-catcher in the most holy-wood-like way…

Polyurethane sounds way more complicated than it is. We make it easy for you: Our PU Case is a case in fine leather look made out of synthetic materials. But what is quite simple, is the use: Open, glasses in, close, glasses safely stowed.

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It all begins with a moment of inspiration


It all begins with a moment of inspiration

Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo photographed for us the collection 2018. What is his motivation and how did he come to his passion – the photography.
Making-of campaign 2018

behind the scenes

Making-of campaign 2018

Per aspera ad astra vs. into the green.
Attention to detail is crucial


Attention to detail is crucial

Eyewear designer with passion.
WOOD FELLAS x Montaigne Street - Planète Sombre


WOOD FELLAS x Montaigne Street - Planète Sombre

“A certain darkness is needed to see stars.” (Osho)