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Ours beat full of enthusiasm for München – here the lightness of being carries us away like the Eisbach its surfers. Where even the Schickeria thinks sustainability is chic, enjoy a breath of country
air in the city and there’s always a piece of wood to knock on. And to wear:

Optical and sunglasses made from real wood.


We celebrate Holy Wood instead of Hollywood, here the München flair is brought to life in style. Here the bond to nature and urban lifestyle walks hand in hand. And this is where we, the WOOD FELLAS founders Jan Priepke and Stefan Muckenhirn – with the support of our strong team – develop unique glasses from real wood (walnut, black and chalk oak, limba and palisander).

Our craft combined with best ingredients and high quality materials makes each of our glasses the perfect ”fella“ (colloquial English for ”fellow”), who stays true to its wearer.


YES, WE ARE WOOD FELLAS. And we love nature’s materials. That’s what we prove with our name. Because we walk the world with open eyes, we discovered, that not only wood fits our

HANDMADE EYEWEAR demand perfectly – there are also other natural resources that fascinate us a lot.

So we choose stone – to be precise slate – and horn to become real WOOD FELLAS. In countless work stages we manufactured them and brought them into (glasses) shape. Now we are very happy to visualize our natural inspiration with our newest collection and present you the unity of finest design and precious naturalness in our high quality spectacles.

We welcome you to the Wood, Stone and Horn Age where we celebrate nature’s beauty with all of its facets.


WALNUT  Walnut wood is one of the most valuable and premium native woods. The colour varies from light to dark brown right up to brown which is almost black in colour. The grain is very “lively” – which makes it so popular. It can be easily processed by hand (that fits our HANDMADE EYEWEAR demand) and is – piece for piece – as a result of its unique grain, a product that is exceptional in every way.

BLACK OAK  This “Black Beauty” does not gallop with its flowing mane over an open field –therefore our black beauties are as good looking as graceful. The black oak we use is very durable but also a lightweight that fascinates by its grace and can easily be processed and shaped by hand – which supports our “HANDMADE demand” a lot.

CHALK OAK  Not as white as chalk one will feel when wearing this pair of glasses – made by WOOD FELLAS. This spectacle is one of a kind – exactly as its wearer. We use finest wood with this very characteristic look to make every WOOD FELLA(S) a real eye-catcher.

LIMBA This bright colored wood just makes you feel good and happy. We would not be supriesed, if you’d like to do the Limba … oh we mean Limbo Dance immediately – of course only with your WOOD FELLAS on, so that you can see everything.

PALISANDER Considered a highly assessed fine wood, Palisander is just right for our high standards to our Handmade Eyewear. Typical of Palisander is it’s light brown-black to almost black color. A sight for sore eyes.



WELCOME TO THE STONE TEMPLES…  Our stone „temples“ are located in Germany. Here the slate, which we use for our latest WOOD FELLAS collection, is mined from stone quarries. Because we want our glasses to be solid and light for everyday life, we work with slate layers that are combined with precious ebony layers. We need exactly 74 work steps to manufacture a real WOOD FELLAS specs that exists only once in the entire world. Every piece is unique. And can be easily, quickly and reliably equipped with individual optical lenses that match the perfectly-working-good-looking-character of each pair of glasses.



LET‘S HORN IN…  Bullhorn? Blackthorn? Buffalo horn! This „renewable resource“ we use for the first time – especially for our new collection. Buffalo horn for our horn-rimmed glasses is ready to be harvested bi-yearly – from Indian or Chinese water buffaloes. No worries, the animals’ horn is reaped on the hoof, which is as free of pain as shearing a sheep. We manufacture the gotten horn – perfectly fitting to our claim HANDMADE EYEWEAR – in many individual steps and create an eye-catcher that is prepared to last and to shine for a very long time.



Our recipe for delicious eye-catchers? Take best ingredients and manufacture best glasses from it. Our WOOD FELLAS specs are not only one of a kind in the matter of a stylish look and naturally
beautiful materials – but also combine many other components that make wooden glasses, slate or horn rimmed glasses unique and fulfill our HANDMADE EYEWEAR demand perfectly.



OBE SPRING HINGES MADE IN GERMANY. Since more than 110 years the German family business builds the high-end metal parts for frame articulation. The spring hinges we utilize are spring loaded and made of stainless steel.

LENSES by Carl Zeiss Vision. A name, a product promise that we pass on to our customers: Excellent quality that offers safety and wearing comfort and convinces of breaking resistance and low weight. Many of our sunglasses are equipped with lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision that offer 100% UV-protection.

ECO-FRIENDLY We care. For our customers, our employees, our products. And for sure for the environment. Because nature is very important to us, we act responsible and protect it. This is why we only work with suppliers that emphasize to forestry and that are certified appropriate.