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Three considerations played an important role in the birth of eyewear label WOOD FELLAS:

1. A pair of glasses is the most noticeable accessory and fashion item we wear on a daily basis – and it’s a design statement, too.

2. The shape, material and style of glasses changes the face of the wearer.

3. Natural materials and street-style design look very cool when combined together, and sync with the spirit of the times.

A desire to fulfil this brief prompted Munich visionaries Stefan Muckenhirn and Jan Priepke to found WOOD FELLAS in 2012. Their idea was to create an eyewear collection offering something for everyone, regardless of their face shape – round, elongated, oval, square, angular, soft-featured, large or small.

Joining forces with a design team to turn their idea into reality led to a range of timeless and contemporary prescription glasses and sunglasses. They are hand-made from natural materials, they make a statement and their unique style establishes the WOOD FELLAS signature for the ages. These are glasses that can be flamboyant or understated, but are always practical and comfortable to wear – for the nose and for the skin. They have a beautifully balanced appearance, yet always stay one step ahead of the latest fashions and trends.

WOOD FELLAS has stamped its influence all over streetwear style, from clean elegance through to the archetypal 80s hip-hop look. This has included collaborating with Parisian fashion collective Montaigne Street on the creation of the Planète Sombre sunglasses, whose launch was attended by OFF White creative director Virgil Abloh and led to online magazine Highsnobiety describing the label’s eyewear as “on-point wooden accessories”.

WOOD FELLAS does not follow the crowd – instead, it has blazed a trail of its own from day one, effortlessly fusing design of the highest standard with environmental responsibility. The materials used, such as wood, horn and wafer-thin stone, inject these extraordinary creations with an aesthetic appeal all of their own and make them instantly recognisable.

Not only do the glasses stand apart with their light, delicate frames, they also transmit a very individual message: WOOD FELLAS is out to be as sustainable as possible, while at the same time developing and selling a stylish product. In other words, there is no need for sustainability and fashion consciousness to be mutually exclusive. And so WOOD FELLAS eyewear is produced exclusively from FSC-certified woods in various countries.

Every piece of eyewear has been designed for people who view individuality and extravagance as integral to their lifestyles. The key to their exceptional quality lies in the selection of standout materials and precise, all-consuming workmanship. The nickel silver spring hinges have been manufactured in Germany by family business OBE Präzision for over 110 years and are the highest-quality parts available for glasses frames.

When passion turns into design, when a statement is sustainable and when a look sets new trends, that’s when you’re wearing WOOD FELLAS.